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Introducing Spendor

Spendor Audio is one of Englandís most accomplished manufacturers of high quality loudspeakers. Spendor grew out of the expertise gained in the BBC's sound engineering department. Over the past 40 years Spendor has earned a reputation for superior R&D, innovative design, no compromise engineering, outstanding musical performance and exceptional value. Spendor loudspeakers and drive units are designed and hand built at the Spendor factory in Hailsham, Sussex in the UK.

Spendor is first and foremost an engineering company focused on performance. Not content to rest on yesterdayís successes, today Spendor is pushing the envelope of conventional loudspeaker design and moving forward worldwide with more innovative designs and unique technologies.

As one of the very few companies which manufactures their own drive units, Spendor enjoys many competitive advantages over ordinary loudspeaker builders.

Spendor drive units are optimized for their sonic properties and utilize very specialized materials. As a result, Spendor drivers have more rigid cones which deliver a more even performance and a smoother response at high frequencies. These proprietary drive units are one of the key factors which create the glorious mid range performance Spendor speakers are revered for. However, ultra high quality drive units such as these must be meticulously built with special attention to numerous details and application techniques. Mass automated assembly processes cannot achieve the required quality standards so the drive units are built in-house at Spendorís UK factory.

Spendor's own drive unit.According to Philip Swift, owner of Spendor, ďDrive units are the heart of the loudspeaker. These components determine what the loudspeaker will sound like. If they arenít right, there is nothing you can do subsequently, with crossovers or cabinets or anything else, to get the sound right.Ē

Spendor is just as particular about cabinet design and construction. Todayís Spendor cabinet designs are the most innovative and technically advanced ever. They feature extremely rigid cabinet structures and Spendorís own proprietary dynamic damping material. This unique damping material and an innovative application technique eliminate micro vibrations which can blur fine detail. All cabinet energy is converted to heat, which dissipates the energy silently, thus eliminating, (rather than merely minimizing), the problems of energy storage in cabinets. The result is an stunningly clean, controlled, detailed and articulate yet weighty bass. This superb bass performance can normally only be achieved by cabinets using exotic materials and costing three or four times the price.

The same meticulous engineering and attention to detail are used in all other aspects of design. Todayís Spendor loudspeakers include crossovers built in house using high quality circuit boards with through hole plating, precision components, silver solder and gold plating to improve signal path. All drive units and components are matched to 1dB and ultra high quality Scandinavian fabric dome tweeters are utilized.

Finally, the unique linear flow port design in Spendorís floor standing loudspeakers not only contributes to their thunderous bass, but also allows the speakers to give an excellent performance even when they must be located in non-optimal locations and in less than ideal rooms.

Have a listen to Spendorís larger floorstanders, the SP100R2 and the A9; the large ultra rigid cabinets, unique method of eliminating cabinet noise, unique bass port, meticulously designed and manufactured drive units, superbly matched high quality components, top quality fabric dome tweeters, all work in harmony to produce: a completely uncolored, neutral natural sound, with an authentic tonal balance, incredible mid range clarity, exceedingly deep, tight, tuneful bass, effortless, lifelike dynamics and completely coherent presentation.

While some loudspeakers excel in one area to the detriment of another, Spendor loudspeakers deliver the perfect balance that music lovers will instantly recognize and appreciate. With their unique engineering and manufacturing capabilities, Spendor loudspeakers truly deliver best in class value. You could buy a lot less speaker for more money but you canít buy more speaker for less money. Spendor speakers simply must be heard to be appreciated. Contact Bluebird Music to find your closest authorized Spendor dealer. Have a listen and you will know why we say Spendor is the real deal.
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